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KC started playing professionally in 1984 with various Country Artists and groups as Lead Guitarist,Vocalist. Throughout the years playing with well known Country and Bluegrass Artists, playing on over 100 sessions. Also working as a Producer and Engineer. Newgrass Review was formed by KC bringing his Bluegrass and Country roots together to tform the Award winning group, 2 Platinum and 3 Gold Albums for airplay, as well as 2004 Arizen Group of the year. KC's wife Darlene Harrison also a very well known Artist in the Gospel field, known for her Dynamic and Soulful voice that brings power you've never heard before to the stage. Darlene performs with Newgrass Review as Lead and Back up vocalist with KC and the group as well as a percussionist. Darlene is also an established Children's Author with over 100 manuscripts and screnplays to her name. Still performing and Touring the group has added some new excitement to the shows but we won't reveal it here you'll have to come to the show, and believe me you'll leave amazed. Also in the works is the new album "Untouched", given this name because there will be NO TUNING on the vocals, maybe some reverb here and there, relying on talent and realism. KC has 2 movie contracts in Negotiation at this time as well as the new touring season so come back and watch for upcoming shows for KC & darlene and Newgrass Review. Booking can be done through miranda@mirandapromotions.net Attn: Miranda Leake, or through the Record label by e-mail: Attn: Keith Bradford kmarecords@aol.com