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Clem Gareau Country Music Lyricist/Songwriter Clem has always enjoyed country music, writing poetry and now thoroughly enjoys being a Lyricist. His Lyrics deal with real life that surrounds him. They tell a story. His lyrics are heartfelt.His sense of humour shines through. Starting in 1998, Clem did some co-writes with Morris P Rainville also from Sudbury Canada, and together they produced twenty two songs. Out of these songs, placed on .com since 2004, fourteen have reached No. 1. The others have been in the Top 5. Special thanks go to Morris for his great music and vocals. Clem has also COLLABORATED with....Marshall Williams, The Mississippian, Donna Hunt, Danny Hamilton, and Laurel Varner hear many more Clem Gareau's COLLABORATION songs go to Clem would also like to thank, for great music and vocals, Marshall Williams, his co-writer from Texas, The Mississippian, his co-writer from Germany, Donna Hunt, his co-writer from England, Laurel Varner, his co-writer from Iowa, and his co-writer Danny Hamilton from England.