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Bill Ekhoffs country stylings are not rooted in trends or bubblegum catchiness whose glory only fades. Rather Ekhoff roots his music in solid songwriting, grounding his songs in strength of character and lasting artistic quality. Even his influences come more from those who create the songs than those who perform them. I am influenced by writers more than performers, he says. My favorite writers are not performers. His melodies unfailingly strike the right emotional chord. A Bill Ekhoff song has real heart for real country music. Make Your Escape and Turn Their Heads Ekhoff is out to create country music that grabs your attention, keeps it and makes you want to walk into the music. Ekhoffs creative process is more than a method for making music. Music is his route to peace. Music puts me in a good mood, he says. I make my escape in music. His songwriting is powerful enough to create flesh-and-blood stories with three dimensions the kind of places in which the listener can find escape as well. And Ekhoffs ear-grabbing music has no problem drawing musical pilgrims into his world of country tunes. He is a conscientious songwriter and is always seeking ways to catch the listener with the right hook and keep him with the strength of the material. I want to write and perform songs that will make people turn their heads. I want them to say, "Did you hear that? The Artist at Work Ekhoff opened last summer for Lee Brice, who achieved fame with 2007s No. 1 country hit More Than a Memory, performed by Garth Brooks, and Brices own Top 40 She Aint Right. Ekhoff has deals with four different music publishers, encompassing 14 of his songs. The Seventh Annual Great American Song Contest named him a winner while he ranked as a semi-finalist in the 2005 International Songwriting Competition. Hes also nabbed awards from VH1 and Billboard. Ekhoff is at work on new material; hes already gotten stellar feedback for his newest soon to be recorded song Battlefield of Love."