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Triplestrand Productions Radio Airplay Promotions offer great value for money for the Independent Country Artist .Unlike many Compilation CD companies Triplestrand asks only a modest per track fee not the $100's that many others look for. Plus you can rely on the fact that your song will be in good company as every song submitted is reviewed prior to insertion on a cd .This method of Quality control puts Triplestrand in good stead as many DJ's & Music Directors have commented on the consistent quality contained on TSP discs, Our discs service 100's of DJ's worldwide and are sent out every Calendar month .Tracks are limited to a maximum of 20 tracks per disc with a 2 track maximum per artist so no one artist can dominate any given CD .We try to keep the playing field as level as possible for everybody .We also endeavor to ensure that each CD contains a good mix of all Country sub genre's (traditional,New Country, Gospel Bluegrass etc ) so that DJ's are not struggling to accomodate playing tracks . All CD's contain completely original material and under no circumstances will we included uncleared material for copyright purposes . Triplestrand also states that we will now or ever never claim the rights to any material submitted these will remain the sole possession of the artist or copyright holder our CD's are strictly promotional and on a non- exclusive basis .Artists are free to do whatever they wish with their material outside of Triplestrand at any time . During our first year of promotions Triplestrand Productions has amassed over 50,000 plays on Radio for Artists utilizing our promotional services .