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Johnny grew up with a passion for music! There was always a radio, records, or some sort of music blaring in the house. Nobody in his family could read a note of music, but some played music by ear. His dad played the harmonica, his grand-father played a fiddle and both sang. His brother was a drummer in a rock 'n' roll band; Johnny’s passion has always been to sing but was too bashful to ever sing in public. A few years ago, Johnny was introduced by a friend to sing online and found that it was easy because there was no fear of singing in public. Today, he enjoys singing in karaoke places as well as on the internet. Johnny’s favorite genres are Country and Oldies. He has a great passion for singing duets whenever he can. Many have said that he has a powerful voice and has great sound, although Johnny doesn't agree with them (he smiles). Please enjoy his enormous passion for music as much as he does!!!!!!!