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I’m a stay at home Mum and housewife who has loved music all her life. My earliest memory is my Dad singing Frank Sinatra “All the way” (When I’m feeling down that memory is my happy place!) At age 7 I started playing the piano and wrote a few tunes that my Dad would ask me to play to family and friends through Sunday lunch! Then real life set in, get a job, buy a house, get a boyfriend blah blah blah and music took a back seat. So now I find myself back at that same piano I sat at 20 years ago and I have to thank my wonderful husband for that. Our children have just started school, I suddenly find myself with “me” time and he’s encouraging me to start writing again. So I wrote "Rockstar" and the next day along came "Bored Housewife". I don’t have a very professional set up just a PC, a keyboard that my husband bought me as an early Christmas present and a 12 year microphone that I dug out of the shed. I really do write and record everything in my kitchen ( I have found a frying pan spit guard works wonders as a popper stopper!) Lexie xx