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The "ELECTRIC SHADOW" is composed of Jerry & Candace , they are trying to write for the planet and its inhabitants.Their songs make bold statements against the MACHINE, or establishment. They have a passion for music, they use their talents to convey messages of concern for our earth & its inhabitants. The Electric Shadow writes songs that reflect many genres, they have many love songs & hard rock. They are not bound by anyones terms, which allows them the freedom to write what they feel. They are formerly known as "JERRY AND THE ZEROS". They have a wide range of music...from Hard Rock to blues and some that are just a mix of genres...so no matter what your taste is they will have something you will appreciate. They have recently put up a few songs and will continue to add a variety of styles.......... They have recently moved to "the sticks" to write & produce music exclusively. They have quit their regular 9-5 jobs and are living rusticly to allow them total freedom from the money machine. They have around 200 songs to their credit, and many more on the way. Jerry is the master on acoustic & electric guitar, he plays a variety of other instruments as well and is a prolific song writer . Candace is the percussionist & drummer & songwriter. They both provide vocals . Their goal is to sell the rights to their songs, they have an exquisite catalog of music, ready to put you at the top of the charts, so email with any serious offers. Their recordings are their interpretation only, a sample of how it could be produced, but in the hands of other artists, it could be uniquely yours. Their music has been recognized by many organizations, including many awards and accolades from VH1's song of the year international competition. So take a listen and visualize your style and uniqueness with their songs!