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Top 40 Most Played Songs of the Week
2   Dreaming by Breach EDM
3   Signs and Wonders by Lex Zaleta
4   Guess I'm Gettin Older by Benny Leverton
5   End Of The World by Randee
6   Happy 2007 - Auld Lang Syne Mixed up by Breach EDM
7   Funky Country Blues by Doc Quinn
8   Some Body Stop Me Art Carter by TSP artists
9   Love Can Be Cruel Derek McCorkell by TSP artists
10   I Can't Turn My Back on Me by Lex Zaleta
11   Face Down In The Snow Acoustic Version by KC & Newgrass Review
12   Thirties Foxtrot Melody by Pianosam Composer/Songwritter
13   I can't believe I'm yours by Jerry Corelli
14   Maybe Tomorrow by AUDIOSTAGG
15   Xpress Yourself by Electric Shadow
16   Good by Whitney Wolanin
17   Poem by Fibich by Tony Gayle
18   Wake Up Everybody by Whitney Wolanin
19   Old Man by Electric Shadow
20   ONCE UPON A DREAM by William Worley
21   Life or Dessert? by Gravity Tree
22   I've Got Your Rings But She has Your Heart by Dee Dee Downs
23   Knock the Sleep out by ARIMIR
24   Make Mine Country by Benny Leverton
25   Living Alone by Lex Zaleta
26   Aim to Please by Gravity Tree
27   DONT EVER STOP TRYING by Lou Nicksic
28   Greenhouse Effect by Electric Shadow
29   The Mistake by Phillip E. Hardy
30   Thousand Memories by Asylum
31   Blossom by Asylum
32   Rapsodia Lanzarote Main Theme by Tony Gayle
33   Good Old Country Blues by Morris P Rainville
34   Matt's Hymn by Dustin Manuel
35   The Last Rhapsody by Tony Gayle
36   Sunglasses and a Smile by Lex Zaleta
37   Harmonic Indulgence by Gravity Tree
38   The Darkness of the Light by ARIMIR
39   One Road (with Dusty Drake) by Lex Zaleta
40   Hook, Line, & Sinker by rockin4themaster
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Alternative, 46 Songs
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Blues, 66 Songs
Christian, 78 Songs
Christmas, 11 Songs
Classical, 7 Songs
Comedy, 175 Songs
Country, 339 Songs
Electronica, 19 Songs
Gospel, 0 Songs
Gothic, 5 Songs
Hip Hop, 34 Songs
Industrial, 0 Songs
Jazz, 23 Songs
Latin, 18 Songs
Metal, 6 Songs
Mixed Fan, 0 Songs
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Rhythm And Blues, 10 Songs
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TV Radio Shows, 7 Songs
Urban, 0 Songs
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