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Unique blend of streety, social and political lyrics and blues mixed with alternative punk and some acoustic. Jeffro has always remained defiant of trends in the past, instead sticking to his guns of blues, southern rock, and punk rock. Combination of oustanding engineering, recording, brilliant songwritint and a wide vocal range. Where Jeffro is founded people come and go but Jeffro keeps on pushing for some reason. Based out of Jacksonville, Fl. Band's Leader Jeffrey Thomas Blanchard grew up in the shanty town neighborhood, Story tells that Jeff sometimes referred to on the street as "jeffro" started in the early 80's with the punk rock scene requiring minimal talent and equipment, he learned how to write music and express himself the way he wanted and not be someone else. Jeff traveled a bit up and down the east coast learning bits and pieces from homeless people. Jeff down the road battled a strong bond with the bottle being his blood half cherokee indian did not help matters. Eventually Jeff ended up homeless himself from 2000 till 2004. Starting from scratch and changing people, places and things, he vowed to only socilize from the past just homeless people. The name "Indian Blood" was awarded to him because of the fact that when he was homeless he chose to avoid the city mission house life and he went to the woods, at first it was with small hobo camps but eventually he isolated himself. Make a long story short Blanchard survives with his band and lives to tell of Society's desease and he lashes a bit like a Dylan sytle with his lyrics. Some of the music makes you think and then He gets straight to the point. He is also a member in another Jacksonville based band called "By Faith" 3 CD Releases, 2006's "Rebuke" 2007's "Loose Cannon Resurgam" and now 2008's "Homeless Agape"