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I'm a singer, songwriter, and guitarist. I've been lucky enought to play with some amazing musicians in my career. I've been playing music since the early 70s, playing all over South Texas and in Houston. I played with Freddy Fender in 74/75. Also played with Howard McLaughlin, Cid Sanchez and Chris Layton during that time. Spent 8 years playing with Alex Bayarena and Rick Montez in Corpus Christi, Texas. Other Musicians I've played with in the Corpus Christi area include: Sammy Stephens, Billy King, Johnny Shubert, Ray Martinez, A.C. Cavazos, Lou Tamez, Ron McElroy,Clarence Hubbard, Dean Bryzowski, Don Pierce, Ricky Sanchez, Eric Wright (from Tacoma Wa.), Steve Paulson, and Mike Loosemore. In Houston I played with Larry Carr, Ed Bade, Ron Washington, Sylvan Rossi, and Paul Labarbara. All of these guys were friends and influenced my music in one way or another. My song "Questions" was featured on the nationally syndicated Blues Deluxe radio show from September 12 to September 18, 2004.