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Hi all! I'm an amature Singer/Lyricist from Virginia. I've been singing live in an amature band of friends for years, but have just recently started to home record. I've been collaborating with various artists on many music forums for the past 4 months. When all is said and done, I'm not a rookie at singing and performing though. I've been singing for years to myself, or anyone else that would listen. :) I am a rookie at home recording, and my mixes are a little rough, but I hope to improve as time goes along. I feel your never too old to pursue your dreams, and after living through 6 bypasses 2 1/2 years ago, I have a new and very optomistic outlook on life. The music you will hear from me is all part of that new outlook! I'd be happy to do some collaborative work here too, so give me a call! I'm willing to try just about any type of music there is. Thanks for listening to my songs and I hope they brightened your day some! Todd