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Writing songs since before the Civil War, or at least it seems that way sometimes. Never could get into the by-the-book commercial style of songwriting - too many decades of teaching high school English and being saturated with the classics. My musicianship is limited, so I'm always looking for real musicians to get my songs to sound "right"! I've been fortunate to find many such fine musicians: Bret Alexander and the Badlees, All Roses, Galen Breen, Mark Cloutier, Jan Destner, Dusty Drake, Sharon Guinn, Texas Jake, Kephas, Ronnie Kimball, Margot, Cris Jo Mirailles, Muzz, Nigel Potter, Jeremy Raboin, Syngularity, Self Tort, and Southern Touch (some of the great artists who have shared their virtuosity with me). Maybe one of my songs will catch your ear, and I'll be able to add you to the list. I'd be honored.