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The Things In The Attic (Inst.)
Instrumental The opening track on "Ten Miles Out Of Midnight" is a haunting and unnerving instrumental. "The Things In The Attic" are the thoughts and memories that we hide away at the back of our minds, leaving them to collect dust and mould, yet they are always there, hanging over our heads to haunt us in moments of weakness and doubt. Souveneirs of broken dreams, lost loves, regrets and mistakes or untaken chances...everyone has their own personal "Things In The Attic"...Dare you open the

Map To The Morning
This is a song about freedom of spirit, love, rising above the mundane worries of day to day life and escaping to that special place (that only perhaps exists in our imaginations) to celebrate quality time free from worry and fear with the person you love. It can be interpreted as that search (the "map") for innocence (the "morning") which, as adults, we can only briefly reach for a short fleeting time before we have to return to the responsibilities of day to day life. It is a song that uses be

A Place In The Sun
Music and lyrics (c) James Alan Gourley 2007 The price of depression.....the darkest assassin

The Last Day Of Earth
Instrumental Mixed fromm royalty free samples from Ejay software and sampleas created by the author using Reason software. Mix (c) James Alan Gourley 2008