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Dreamy, haunting, ethereal, thought-provoking, wistful, spiritual, melancholic, uplifting...A few words that can be used to describe the music and songs of James Alan Gourley...A highly original fingerpick style, poignant, emotive and powerful lyrics, strong and heartfelt vocal presentation and a distinctive guitar sound combine to leave the listener with a lasting impression of genuine quality, real talent and musical integrity.

James Alan Gourley is an electro-acoustic guitarist / singer / songwriter / poet based in the West End of Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

Guitarist and songwriter for many years with popular Glasgow based hard rock band Liars Edge Alan (one of those awkward people who prefers to be called by their middle name!) has spent the last year or two re-familiarising himself with the acoustic guitar and experimenting with a wide variety of alternative tunings having, for the time being at least, hung up his electric to concentrate on a solo acoustic career.

Having just recorded his first solo album "Ten Miles Out Of Midnight" Alan is currently in negotiation with several local labels, publishers and distributors with regard to release of his album and has already attracted significant interest from other artists, listeners, podcasters and music-industry personnel on myspace and other websites.

Having developed a highly original style of guitar fingerpicking - an eclectic mix of rock, folk, classical and celtic influences - "Ten Miles Out Of Midnight" is a stripped down, no frills recording featuring only electroacoustic guitar and vocals. Containing seven songs and four instrumentals the album is a very personal one - confessional even - reflecting many of Alan's opinions on life and its trials and tribulations. From the intense and haunting opening instrumental "The Things In The Attic" to the hearfelt and emotion laden cynicism of the albums' closing track "A Place In The Sun" Alan takes the l